Event Services

January 4, 2021

General Assignment Classroom Event Spaces – Now Live!

Event Services has successfully managed special event spaces in Kane, Mary Gates, and Johnson for nearly two decades, adding Nanoengineering to our event management portfolio three years ago. Recently, there has been a push to consolidate event requests in general assignment classrooms on UW Seattle’s upper campus in order to simplify and streamline the process of event planning for our clients. Event Services will now handle special event requests in general assignment classrooms and select multi-purpose spaces across UW Seattle’s upper campus. In the past, this responsibility was handled by the Room Assignments office within the Office of the Registrar. We have assumed event scheduling responsibilities in nearly 300 rooms, vastly expanding our spaces and ability to host conferences, meetings, and a variety of events to meet our clients needs. 

While we are still operating online-only, we want to showcase some of the new spaces and potential venues for your first in-person event back on campus! Below are some of our available spaces. 

If you are interested in learning more about the general assignment classrooms as event spaces, all rooms managed by Event Services can be viewed with details at washington.edu/classroom. Room requests can be made on our website by submitting this form. You can also contact us by email at specialevents@uw.edu or leave us a message at 206-616-1287. 

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