Event Services

Rates (Draft)

Event Services rates can consist of the room rental, technology equipment, furniture, and labor. Labor is required for Kane Hall and Mary Gates Commons space rentals.

Once we receive all of the details pertinent to your reservation, an estimate will be sent out showing the charges for your event based on the rate chart below. We create a custom estimate for each event based on your event needs.

Room Rates

Equipment Rental Rates

UW Hourly rates apply to:

  1. UW Departmental Events
    • Requires departmental signature
    • Requires payment with UW Driver Worktag
    • Subsidized UW rates are applied
    • Sales Tax/IOC are waived
  2. UW Student Events
    • Subsidized UW rates are applied
    • Sales Tax/IOC apply to non-worktag payments

External rates apply to:

  1. Reservations made by off campus organizations
    • Sale Tax/IOC apply to payments
    • Subsidized rates are not available
    • We unfortunately do not offer discounts for non-profits


***Sales Tax (10.25%) and Institutional Overhead Charge (15.6%) are added to all check/credit card transactions.