Event Services


General FAQ

What is the difference between "reservation" and "event" time?

Reservation Time is the total time a client has access to the event space for their reservation. This includes any time necessary for setup and tear-down or cleanup.

Event Time is the start and end time for when the meeting or event is expected to take place. This time is usually what is advertised to attendees or participants.

Can I/Caterer/Event Coordinator have access to my confirmed Event Space prior to my reservation time?

No. Access to the event or meeting space will begin at the reservation time. In many cases, the room may not be ready or available and may still be in transition to prepare for your scheduled time. In some cases, other events or meetings may still have access to the room.

We strongly encourage clients to request enough prep time prior to the event. However, if access is granted, hourly rates for the space will be added to the reservation charges.

Can I store items in the room/building until my event date?

Our buildings have limited storage so event storage is granted on a case by case basis. Overnight storage within the meeting or event space is allowed so long as the client has reserved the space continuously from one day to the next. Event Services cannot guarantee the safety or security of items left in rooms for an extended period of time. Clients and guests are strongly encouraged to remove expensive or sensitive items from meeting or event spaces.

Deliveries should be timed so they arrive on the day of the event. It is important that the delivery address specify the event name, recipient and specific room to which it should be delivered. Let us know the details of the delivery before you send them so that they make it to the correct event.

Why is labor required for my event?

Labor is required for all Kane Hall reservations and most multi-purpose spaces. Our Event Assistants are the only ones allowed to handle our A/V and move furniture. They are present to help troubleshoot any issues that arise and to ensure our policies and procedures are upheld.

Can I hold part of my event outside?

Event Services does not manage outdoor spaces, those are controlled by UW Facilities. Events cannot set up furniture or tents under the overhang above the front door of Kane Hall.

How do I pay for my event?

You can pay using a UW Driver Worktag (UW Departments only), check, or credit card. Credit card payments must be made through our payment portal. Alternatively, you may also pay by check or money order by visiting our office located in the basement of Kane Hall, Room 035. Checks and money orders should be made out to University of Washington. If mailing your payment, please make sure it is sent to the following address:
Event Services
University of Washington
Box 353095
Seattle, WA 98195-3095

What is a UUF and do I need one?

A Use of University Facilities (UUF) form is required if the event is organized by a non-UW group or if event attendees will not be restricted to UW students/faculty/staff. The purpose of the UUF is to ensure that all facilities operated by the university are reserved primarily for activities related to educational use. In order to submit this form, you will need to secure a University sponsor for your event. It is the event organizer’s responsibility to contact a University of Washington Seattle campus department or administrative unit to discuss and obtain sponsorship. Most off-campus groups successfully locate a sponsor by contacting a UW department relevant to their event topic. Please note that UUF sponsorship does not include any financial contribution. More information about the UUF process can be found here.

Can I use the Roethke Auditorium (KNE 130) Green Room for my event?

Use of the Green Room is only included for a reservation in KNE 130. Please specify that you would like to have the Green Room with your KNE 130 reservation since it is not automatically added.

Technology & Equipment FAQ

Can my event be recorded and/or live streamed?

Event Services can provide event recordings in select classrooms using the installed camera at the back of the room. The camera angle is fixed and is set to capture both the podium and screen. Please reach out to Event Services for additional details and pricing for event recordings.

Event Services does not provide support for live streaming. Clients can live stream using their own equipment or contact UW Video for live stream support.

Can I access the A/V Booth in the room I reserve?

Up to two people from your group may enter the A/V Booth while accompanied by your Event Assistant. Only our staff is able to manipulate the A/V in our facility.

Is WiFi available for my event guests?

A UWNetID is required to access the “University of Washington” wireless network on campus. Event Services can help establish temporary UWNetIDs for groups reserving our spaces. Other access questions may be directed to UW-IT.

Food and Beverage Service FAQ

Can I serve food and/or alcohol at my event?

Food is permitted in select classroom and multi-purpose spaces. We do not allow food in auditorium spaces. Our policies differ depending on the type of food service you select for your event. Alcohol may only be served in designated reception spaces.

A Food Permit and a Alcohol Service Request must be submitted and approved in order to serve food and/or alcohol at your event.

For more information, please read our Food and Beverage policy.

Do I need a food or alcohol permit?

A Temporary Food Permit may be required by Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) for certain event-related food service activities on campus. Review their website for more information on if you will need to apply for a permit.

The UW Alcohol Service Request is required if alcohol will be served at your event. The form as well as more information can be found here. These documents must be submitted and approved to serve food and/or alcohol at your event.

What is the difference between meal service and light snacks?

Meal service includes any food service that requires cutlery and or food that needs to be heated/held warm. Light snacks are foods that are eaten without cutlery such as cookies, veggie trays, and cheese plates.

Where can I cater meal service?

Meal service can only be served and consumed in the Mary Gates Commons (MGH 135) or the Walker-Ames Room (KNE 225). MGH 135 does not have a kitchen/prep area for caterers. Please discuss with your Event Coordinator where to have catering setup. KNE 225 has a separate kitchen area that includes a sink and refrigerator, but no meal prep can be done on-site.

Can I serve my guests meal service in shifts?

We do not allow meal service in shifts. Our room capacities are not flexible. If your number of event attendees exceeds the capacity of the multipurpose space then you may have a private reception that only serves a select number of guests.

Day of FAQ

Where can my guests and I park for my event?

The most convenient parking for events in Kane Hall is the Central Parking Garage. When parking, find the corridor labeled “Kane Hall” (NE corner of the garage) and take the elevator to the appropriate floor. You can find other parking locations on this Campus Map.

For complete details on parking at the University of Washington, visit the Transportation Services website or contact their office at ucommute@uw.edu or 206-221-3701.

How do I coordinate disability accommodations for my event?

Our buildings have ADA access to and throughout the building.
For other specific disability accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Offices to make arrangements and coordinate efforts with Event Services.

Do I need to pick up a key for my room reservation?

No. Event Services does not provide room keys. Event Assistants are responsible for opening room doors at the scheduled reservation time unless the room is on our automatic lock system, in which case they will unlock and lock according to your reservation time. We encourage clients to verify the reservation time indicated on their Final Reservation Summary which is sent out a couple weeks before your event.

I would like to put up a poster/sign for my event. How can I do this?

Event Services can provide easels to post directional or promotional signage in and around your meeting/event. Please request easels at least a week before your event. Last-minute/day-of requests for easels will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis and will depend on the available supply of easels.

Posters/Flyers/Signs CANNOT be taped/tacked to any surface in our buildings without first being approved by Event Services. If you have advertisement materials you would like to put in our buildings, please deliver them to our office up to a week before your event. Our staff will post them in the building.